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The Alchemist is mainly a caster hybrid class. He (much like his female counterpart) is a student of alchemy, an apothecary, and a philosopher. The Alchemist can throw lethal potions to attack his enemies and inflict them with various debuffs, and manifest powerful spirits to fight for him, protect him, and even change his form.

His shape-shifting abilities allow him to vary his standing on the field -making him elusive, deceptive, magic-mighty, or a pure tank. The new skill system includes runestone effects and traits designed specifically for the Alchemist.

Stub sm.jpg The Alchemist is not an official class: It's a fan class. Author(s) of the article are:

Background[edit source]

Diablo III Class [e]
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Role: Caster
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Class Skills

Skills and Traits

Origin: Dry Steppes
Affiliation: Oruegia Society
Friends: Several clans, especially Priests of Rathma
Foes: Demons, Cultists

Hailing from the southern reaches of the Dry Steppes, the Alchemists of the Oruegia Society strive to learn and record all knowledge found in the world of Sanctuary. Normally reclusive, young alchemists are sent out into the world to broaden their knowledge of the magicks and beliefs of other cultures. Many individuals hold the title of Alchemist, but few are trained in the ancient arts of the Oruegia, the eldest of alchemical orders. The purpose of the Society is to study the fundamental nature of existence –the natural laws and energies as well as the basic components of matter. With the understanding of the Greater World around and the Lesser World beneath and their own perspective between, Alchemists are naturally humble and do not futilely seek power. This same control of ego prevents alchemists from being lure by the tempting powers of the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. While most mages seek wisdom through power –reaching outward –alchemists instead choose to seek power through wisdom –reaching within. The name by which we refer to them, the Oruegia, actually comes from a phrase in their own ancient tongue as Orue Agea -meaning Seekers of the Self. Their concept of balance is exemplified in the ancient text "Opus Mensurae Firmamentorum" in the passage "De Terra et Ceteris Paribus Superiorque Inferiorque":

"We are but a world upon a grain of sand, and the sands beneath be the lower worlds unseen by mortal eyes as we dwell upon our grain unseen by the eyes of a higher world. For just as all things are above, so be they below." -Arlore Geid

The ancient city of Melatras is the stronghold of the Alchemists, carved into the very mountains of the Dry Steppes that border Kehjistan. At the heart of Melatras is the Grand Library of Cedurnem, considered by most to be the oldest repository of knowledge in the world. Countless scrolls and vials fill the shelves and wisdom of the ages can be felt when walking down its weathered passages. Alchemists over the centuries have gathered knowledge of other clans and tribes and refined their techniques to great degrees. Though they are willing to share their arts with other magic-users, most outsiders do not possess the precision to use their skills –yet they have shared knowledge with of mage clans before. The curses of the Necromancers share a common root with the Alchemists' studies of physiology and psychology, and the Horadric Cube is actually an elder secret bestowed to the Horadrim to show the Alchemists' support. Of all the mage clans of Sanctuary, the Alchemists are most closely tied to the Priests of Rathma -some believe they share a common history. The two orders often refer to each other as "two sides of the same coin."

While the Alchemists of Oruegia normally show compassion and peace to all life, they despise otherworldly forces that bring unbalance to the mortal realm. Therefore, Alchemists often view Demons with caution and even fury. They abhor humans that ally themselves with such wickedness even more than Demons, viewing them as traitors to their own kind that pervert the noble pursuits of knowledge for their own selfish purposes. Although not prone to war, an Alchemist will do all possible to ensure the complete annihilation of those like the Cultists. As the dark and insidious influence of the Burning Hells creeps forth onto the mortal plane, the Alchemists have become less solitary in order to confront those that would deliver our world into the hands of evil.

With the destruction of Arreat, the world's natural fields have shifted -coursing with greater, unleashed energy. The Alchemists have noticed this, and so two young students of Oruegia have set forward to study the strange occurrences of the West. They are indeed are rare sight, as few in the world of Sanctuary have the natural ability and focus to be trained in the arts of the Oruegia, and only when they are young do they wander the world. After countless years of training and studying, the apprenticeships of the two have ended, and they set out to begin their own studies of the world. Though still inexperienced, the training of the youths guides them to understand and combat the darkness that has come upon us.

Male Alchemist Background[edit source]

The Alchemist is considered to be primarily male, just as the Barbarian is first seen male, the Witch Doctor male, the Wizard female, the Monk male, and the Demon Hunter female. The background for the male version of the Alchemist is further detailed:

Beginning as a lonely street urchin in Ureh, this young boy survived on his resourcefulness and creativity from a young age. As he grew into a young adult, he began to work as an assistant to local apothecaries, where he found particular skill in potion work. Eventually, he set out on his own to Caldeum in hopes of studying more alchemy and magical arts with the Vizjerei but was rejected for not possessing sufficient magical talent. He desperately attempted to survive by joining the military of the city as soldier and medic, being fairly decent with a blade, but was again refused by the elitist commanders. Distraught, he wandered in search of more instruction until he was forced to live as an urchin again in Caldeum, making meager potions to sell for his livelihood. It was then at his darkest time that he was discovered by a passing alchemist of the Orue Agea who took him to his home city of Melatras.

There, he was amazed at the feeling of the scholars of various fields: many possessed little magical ability but were still masters of their arts. He apprenticed to a master alchemist and spent several years learning the precise and delicate art of alchemy. Over time the young alchemist mastered not only potion-making but also the philosophical nature of existence and the spirits that dwell within the elements. In his pursuit of the Great Work, he mastered techniques that allowed him to alter fundamental matter and even shift his form. He was taught humility, patience, and bravery during his time with the Orue Agea. Although he never did have the traditional magical prowess necessary to study in other mage clans, he came to be adept in his own arts.

Now a man in his late twenties, he has finished his apprenticeship and learned all he can from his master. Curious of the apothecaries' techniques in the West, he set out on a journey across Khanduras as far as Westmarch to learn from fellow alchemists. Unfortunately, his expedition has been interrupted by the streaking fire falling from the sky. Filled with wonder over this event, he makes his way to New Tristram to decipher the meaning of this strange occurrence, for he senses an unnatural chaos in this fiery harbinger.

-The female Alchemist background has not been completed.

Class Design[edit source]

The Alchemist is a devoted scientist and student of the philosophical arts. Unlike the wizard, he is a patient scholar, who has learned his skills from years of dedicated research and practice -he is learned and experienced. Science is his faith, and he bases his beliefs on logic and knowledge of scholars passed. The alchemist is mainly a short-ranged caster class, with the ability to cast a wide variety of potions and call upon spirits to either attack enemies or give the Alchemist a boost in some way. However, he is a stronger physical fighter than the Wizard or Witch doctor and is quite skilled with a sword -a necessary ability as the Alchemist is typically very close to the fight to use his skills. Given such a wide variety, new players can handle the class with relative ease while more experienced players can focus on skills that complement each other for complex and interesting character builds. Along with a variety of caster builds, a player could choose to design a melee fighter build, a crowd-control/debuffing build for multiplayer, or a number of other possibilities.

Although the alchemist has some skills that require moving into melee range of an enemy, he typically tries to keep his enemies at a slight distance. To this end, he possesses several spells that work to manipulate enemies by weakening them, slowing them, repelling them, or keep them from casting magic. He can also boost his own skills and even shape-shift to grant him various enhancements and abilities. He is capable of inflicting damage in the forms of physical, elemental, and magical attacks.

Resource System[edit source]

The Squared Circle.

Given that the resource systems have yet to be finalized for canonical classes, the resource for the Alchemist cannot be determined at this time; however, it will no longer be mana. The general idea is to base it on the steps of the Great Work of alchemy, although it is not yet known how this will be done. More needs to be understood about the canonical resources in order to design an appropriate, unique system that encourages gameplay befitting an alchemist. The way of the Great Work can be seen in the symbol of the Orue Agea to the right, called the "Squared Circle".

Representing the whole philosophy of the Alchemists, the Squared Circle moves inward and carries multiple layers of meaning:

The Outer Circle– The Chaos of existence, from which all things come. It is the Prima Materia, the first matter, which is the base form of creation.

The Foundation Triangle– The three fundamental substances of the first matter that arise for the Chaos:

Sulfur - Mercury - Salt

The Elemental Square– The four basic elements of magic of the mortal plane:

Fire - Water - Earth - Air
  • Each magical element has its own patron in alchemic lore:
Vulken of Fire -The Forger
Enquirre of Water -The Artist
Hermothes of Air -The Traveler
Agathaea of Earth -The Healer

The Balanced Ring– The duality of existence: male & female, light & shadow, mind & body, physical & ethereal.

The Inner Circle– The Order of existence, which bonds all things together and gives rise to life. It is perfection.

The Alchemist does not rely on traditional magic, as he is not the typical mage. His resource would be focused on using his connection to magical energy to manipulate the chaos that hides everywhere and use it to craft more complex substances and energies. The skills reflect this progression along the Great Work, as the first tier involves the fundamental substances, while the elemental skills appear mid-way through the list. The top tiers concerns dual natures and profound powers of order. My personal liking is for something akin to "Focus", as the Alchemist requires great focus to alter the chaos into useful substances. The mechanics of the system are still under development. For this reason the costs of the skills has not been listed yet.

Skills & Traits[edit source]

Main article: Alchemist Skills

The skills have recently been redesigned to conform to the new skill layout of the canonical classes. The former list of skills can be seen at Former Alchemist Skills. Each skill includes a description, next level effects, lore, and known rune effects. Skill costs, casting speeds, and cooldowns are not listed until a resource system is created. More skills are likely to be added while ones may be changed.

Brief descriptions of each skill appear below.

Tier 1 Skills[edit source]

Brimstone: No damage. The Alchemist throws a vial at his feet to release a billowing yellow cloud of sulfur lingers for a few seconds to blind and drive enemies away. Good for escaping a tight situation.

Quicksilver: Physical damage. The Alchemist extends a tendril of quicksilver from his hand that quickly solidifies into a spike and pierces any enemies in its way. It then reliquifies and falls to the ground. The casting rate is high and the cooldown time is short, so this is a quick way to attack close-by enemies.

Salt Acids: Lightning damage. The Alchemist sprays nearby enemies with acid that shocks them. Afterwards, affected enemies are susceptible to random spasms that shock them again and interrupt their actions. A momentary spasm is all that's needed to escape an enemy for finish him off.

Tier 2 Skills[edit source]

Black Powder: Fire and Physical damage. The Alchemist ignites volatile powder to send out a conical explosion that burns enemies and knocks them back. Blast enemies back when they crowd in too close.

Drug of Nepenthe: Cold damage. The Alchemist lobs a potion that shatters to release a swirling, churning cloud of alcoholic fluid that chills and drugs enemies. This one can slow enemies and make their physical attacks less likely to actual hit you.

Noxious Miasma: Poison damage. The Alchemist sends out a small, poisonous cloud that infects enemies in front of him with a deadly toxin that lasts for a long time. Most effective when in tight areas where enemies are close to each other to maximize the number of enemies affected by the poison.

Tier 3 Skills[edit source]

Boiling Tar: Fire damage. The Alchemist launches a bottle that explodes in midair and coats an area with sticky, molten tar that burns enemies and slows them down. Not only burns enemies from original contact but slows the movement of enemies in the area of effect -good to slow the advance of an oncoming mob.

Metamorphosis Serum: No damage. The Alchemist prepares a special concoction which, when combined with the blood of his enemy, allows him to shapeshift into the form of that enemy. During this time, other monsters are fooled and cease their attacks. Important in those early stages when the alchemist is still fair weak and in near of ways to keep enemies away. This is the first of four shape-shifting skills.

Wandering Wisp: Cold damage. The Alchemist calls forth a gaseous spirit that circles him until an enemy approaches. It attacks to drain the warmth from his enemies, chilling them and leaving them less resistant to the elements. Definitely a good skill to focus on an enemy in order to lower its resistances and then follow up with a more damaging skill.

Tier 4 Skills[edit source]

Petrify: Arcane damage. The Alchemist shoots a blast of shimmering sand that binds to an enemy and hardens its body, slowing it down at the cost of making it slightly more resilient to damage for a time. The Stone Curse from Diablo 1 returns in this skill, good for slowing an enemy down at the cost of making it take less damage from attacks. This slowing effect can be used on a single enemy up to three times and will completely immobilize it if slowed enough.

Earth Embodiment: Physical damage. The Alchemist calls upon the spirit of the earth gnome to surround him with earth and stone. In this great form, the Alchemist easily resists attacks and smashes multiple enemies in front of him with powerful attacks of his own. The second shape-shifting skill, this allows the alchemist to get his hands dirty as a melee brawler and even a tank.

Wind Tutelary: Lightning damage. The Alchemist conjures the spirit of the wind sylph stand between him and his enemies as a guard, buffeting attackers with hurricane winds and striking them with lightning. Good for putting some distance between you and the enemy while dealing some damage at the same time.

Life-force Extract: Arcane damage. The Alchemist fires a bolt of magical energy that pulls the life-force out of an enemy and returns it to the alchemist. This does great for hitting distant, evasive enemies and for low-health emergencies.

Tier 5 Skills[edit source]

Combustion: Fire damage. The Alchemist excites the heat and anger within an enemy until he draws out the spirit of the fire salamander to scorch the enemy with its own rage. The enemy continues to burn all over so long as the spirit remains over him, pushing his anger to the point that he attacks his fellow monsters. A fire-and-forget skill that also gives you a temporary ally.

Tonic of Sufferance: No damage. The Alchemist sacrifices a percent of his life to create a potion that reduces the damage he takes and the duration of debilitating effects over a period of time.

Invoke the Deluge: Cold damage. The Alchemist invokes the spirit of the water undine to change his shape into that of icy water, able to surge like a wave past enemies and over obstacles to any desired location until his loses control of the form. This third shape-shifting skill also serves as a movement skill, letting you slip between enemies and over gaps.

Tier 6 Skills[edit source]

Astral Chaos: No damage. The Alchemist creates a glowing field over an area that drains enemies of their magical energies, negates their special abilities and lowers their resistance to magical attacks. Deadly against magic users, as it hinders casting speed and prevents special abilities such as spells, curses, and teleporting.

Doppelganger: Physical damage. The Alchemist stabs an enemy and uses its blood to create a copy of it that fights for the alchemist against the original enemy. Provides you a distraction that tanks for you and adds a little more damage against an enemy.

Fuming Oil: Unknown damage. The Alchemist throws a flask full of chemicals so corrosive that they leak out of the container as it travels. The projectile rolls under enemies and will ricochet off of objects and walls. The chemicals consume enemies' weapons and armor to leave them weakened and vulnerable to attack. A heavily damaging skill able the bounce off walls and could be used to block off certain areas.

Empathy: Physical damage. The Alchemist reaches into the mind of his enemy and links the two together. For every pain that the Alchemist feels, the enemy feels the same pain as if it were inflicted on its flesh. Unlike Diablo 2's Thorns and Iron Maiden, which affect multiple enemies and reflected only the monster's own damage, Empathy affects a single enemy but shares all incoming damage you receive from attacks with that enemy.

Tier 7 Skills[edit source]

Sacred Molecule: -Arcane damage. The Alchemist crafts a glowing molecule of energy in his hands that he detonates in a brilliant explosion of light. Magical particles radiate chaotically outward from the blast, penetrating enemies and obstacles. Has a long cooldown, but is great for annihilating all enemies in range with a chance to strike distant enemies with the particles.

Transfiguration: No damage. The Alchemist ascends into a higher form of pure energy, increasing the damage of his spells and his resistance to magical damage. The fourth and last shape-shifting skill, any spell-casting alchemist will want this skill because, although it will be costly, it will also boost all spell damage.

Traits[edit source]

Even though the trait system is relatively new, I have thought of some alchemist-specific traits:

  • Lingering Aftereffects –Increases duration of effects and debuffs by X%
  • Order and Equilibrium –Increase arcane resistance and health regeneration by X
  • Philosopher’s Stone –Increases Life and gold find by X%
  • Balanced Humors –Increases elemental resistances by X
  • Potent Catalyst –Increases damage of critical strike by X%
  • Panacea –Increases effects of drinkable potions, elixirs, and shrines by X%
  • Practiced Hand –Increases Attack by X% amount of Precision (under revision)
  • Enhanced Formula – Affects resource in some way (unfinished)
  • Thriftiness –Increases material received from salvaging and lowers costs of crafting recipes by X%
  • Execute and Recover –Increases casting speed and lowers cooldown period by X%
  • Infused Potential –Base spell damage increases weapon damage by X% for Y seconds

Leveling-Up Effects[edit source]

(This idea is something I thing would be interesting, but I doubt it would be implemented with the arrival of the artisan system)

As the Alchemist gains in experience from his studies and travels, he learns the ways of infusing mundane objects with powerful alchemical abilities. The art of Transmutation is well-known to Alchemists; it is the nature of the inquisitive mind. While the exact effects of each occurrence of leveling-up have yet to be determined, there is a special ability an Alchemist acquires after every five levels. Upon leveling up five times, the Alchemist is allowed the ability to imbue one non-magical item with random magical qualities -much like Charsi from Act I of Diablo 2. This occurs every five levels and is permittable for any kind of item.

-My thanks to Munedwg for this suggestion. I had been looking for a way to work in Transmutation for a while!

Development[edit source]

July '09 -The Alchemist originally started as an experiment in designing a character for Diablo 2, but has been revamped to accommodate the new skill system of Diablo 3. One thing about Diablo 2 is that there were potions that could be equipped as weapons, yet these potions quickly became outclassed by other weapons. It seemed like a waste, but it was wondered if new, more lethal potions could be used on a more regular basis. The Alchemist is intended to take that step in using potions as his main weapon. However, the potions are a skill, so the Alchemist can still equip an actually weapon to suit his/her purposes. There are even Alchemist oriented item sets and Alchemist-specific helms already created; however, until more is revealed about items in Diablo 3, these sets and item ideas will not be posted. Many of the skills have connections to actual alchemical inventions or concepts.

"Opus Mensurae Firmamentorum" - "The Work of Measuring the Expanse"

"De Terra et Ceteris Paribus Superiorque Inferiorque" - "Concerning the Earth and All Others Being Equal, Higher, and Lower"

March '10 -The Skill system has been completely redesigned. The trees have been completed.

December '10 -The Skill system has been completely redesigned...again. The trees and passives are gone, and traits have been created. The names have been simplified to make it easier to understand the nature of the spells; the lore now contains the references to actual alchemical philosophy. The redesigned rune system has been taken into account as well: the skills are meant to be far more interesting when socketed with runes. The resource system and appearance design are being worked on.

  • I'd like to give credit to Tritonus for his suggestions on an alchemist that has a slight Jekyl-Hyde/Dr. Frankenstein feel to it that possesses focus on shapeshifting.

Media[edit source]

My thanks to my cousin Jeffrey for helping design original male and female versions with whatever programs he uses.

References[edit source]

Feel free to ask questions about the Alchemist to Kire or at his e-mail at [email protected] He looks foward to any comments or suggestions you might have, especially concerning the skill system redesign.