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Stub sm.jpg The Dragon Warrior is not an official class: It's a fan class. Author(s) of the article are:

Background[edit source]

Diablo III Class [e]
Dragon Warrior Cover 3.jpg
Dragon Warrior
Bosshead.png Fan-made Class Bosshead.png
Role: Melee Ranged etc
Primary Attributes: Strength Dexterity Vitality Willpower Life Mana
Class Skills

Skills and Traits

Origin: Avien
Affiliation: Dragon Wing Monastery
Friends: Magi of Aurian
Foes: None Known

The motherland of the Dragon Warrior is Xiang in the Avien continent. Dragon Warriors live in the Dragon Wing Monastery high in the In Ten mountain. Their origin is described well in a story called The Legend of the In Ten Masters. Here ti is.

"Centuries ago two young friends went in the In Ten mountains of Avien to learn Martial arts in the In Ten Monastery. Their names were Yang Ho Cheng and Ing Yao /their first names form Ing Yang/. These men were childhood friends and both decided to become warriors. By that time there were no Monks and Dragon warriors. There were only In Ten warriors.

The men from the In Ten Monastery welcomed the two friends and they started their tuition. Years passed and they mastered the art of fighting. Yang Ho Cheng mastered the so called Iron Fists and Ing Yao mastered different weapons. Soon they become famous teachers - Yang Ho Cheng - the master of fists and Ing Yao - the master of weapons.

Their fame reached even the faraway Aurian and the Aurian Mage order high in the mountain of Grayrock - the famous holy mages of the land. The mages sent one of them to visit the masters and maybe learn something from them. Her name was Moon Snow - a beautiful woman, one of the best Aurian magi ever. She became close friend with the two masters and even helped them to improve their skills.

Then Yang Ho Cheng had and idea - to create a Martial arts textbook. He asked his friends Ing Yao and Moon Snow to help him and they happily agreed. The textbook was created for two years and it contained many techniques an even some magical ones written by Moon Snow. She helped a lot with her knowledge of meditation and holy spells. The textbook was written in a secret code and only the best students knew it. It was called The Book of In Ten.

But as years passed the masters started to fall in love with the mage. Both of them. When Moon Snow knew about their feelings, she was confused. Then both masters told her to make her choice. She also had feelings to one of them, but the legend doesn't say who. The Aurian mage asked for one day to think about it. Moon Snow perfectly knew that whatever her choice is, it will put an end of the masters friendship and it will also be the end of their work together. She though over every option carefully. Then she decided to make a sacrifice - she left the masters before sunrise leaving them a farewell letter in which she explained her reasons.

But her sacrifice was in vain. The two teachers blamed each other for her leaving, then they got in a fight. Yang Ho Cheng gave up the teaching and the textbook and went on a journey to find Moon Snow, while Ing Yao thought that searching for the woman is pointless as she didn't want to be found, and continued his work. He changed the name of the temple founding the Dragon Wing Monastery and accordingly the Dragon Wing doctrine. Meanwhile something very bad happened - someone stole the Book of In Ten and they never found out who. The textbook was lost.

Yang Ho Cheng spent nine years searching for Moon Snow, but he couldn't find her. When he reached Ivgorod, he fell in despair. He decided to stop his search and come back to his work, and he found students to teach. Soon after that he built a school founding the Iron Fist monastery and accordingly the Iron Fist doctrine.

The men in the Dragon Wing monastery in the In Ten mountain started calling themselves Dragon warriors.

The fighters in the Iron Fist monastery in Ivgorod started calling themselves Monks.

Both sides blamed each other for the loss of the secret textbook and became rivals.

The famous masters continued to teach students for all their life.

Their names were not forgotten."

Class Design[edit source]

  • The Dragon Warrior Project

This idea came on the spur of the moment when I wondered what kind of a new character class Blizzard should show in Diablo 3. My idea for a new character class is the Dragon Warrior. The idea is inspired by watching movies like Shinobi, The House of Flying Daggers, Tiger & Dragon, Hero, Basilisk (animation), the series of Kung – Fu: The Legend Continues and games like Samurai Shodown 4. The Dragon Warriors possess many unusual remarkable skills and I think they are worthy to be shown in Diablo 3.

Dragon Warriors use exotic weapons like katana and wakizashi /short katana/, halberds, naginatas, blade rings like those in the Shinobi movie, Blades that the german guy from Hellboy had, blades on a chain like Basara's blades /a character in the Samurai Shodown game/, they throw shurikens, daggers, disks and bombs. They also use smoke veils, they can become invisible and summon the spirit of the Dragon that helps them in battle. Dragon Warriors are skilled in using a bow. They can also kill their enemies with their bare hands and feet, using lethal Martial Art techniques.

Basicly Dragon Warriors use light armor, but they are capable to wear heavier armors too. Usually their armors are made of many segments. They can also use a shield.

Dragon Warrior Weapons[edit source]

Here are some pictures of the Dragon Warrior weapons.

  • Swords

  • Special Weapons

  • Polearms, Spears and Throwing Spears

  • Different Shurikens

For the shurikens I just typed "shurikens" in google and I switched to pictures. These shurikens pictures are taken from other sites. There might be some copyright issues.

Will add more soon.

Please note that the pictures are dowloaded from other sites. Deepest thanks to from where I took most of the pictuers. See the site for more info about the weapons /their weight and stuff/.

ERROR: When I type "spears" in Google to find different spears for the Dragon Warrior, I receive more results for Britney Spears rather than other spear weapons. I got nothing against her, but it is not fair! Anyone who has more info and pictures of spears /and throwing/, please contact me on my user talk page. --Veskin7 Bukito 17:41, 12 November 2009 (UTC)

Attributes and Skills[edit source]

Attributes[edit source]

Starting Attributes[edit source]

Attribute Increase Per Level[edit source]

Dragon Warrior Skills[edit source]

The Dragon Warrior skills are arranged into to three distinctive skill tree categories:

All three trees have a combination of active and passive skills. Active skills are used in combat, while the passive skills boost or change the behaviour of the active skills.

Dragon Disciplines Skills[edit source]

The Dragon Disciplines tree skills are presented by many unusual abilities that are possessed by Shinobi and Ninja warriors. Some of them are magical and some of them are weapon masteries.

Bow and Throwing Skills[edit source]

The Bow and Throwing tree skills content skills with firing a bow and various throwing abilities that have different effect on enemies.

Martial Arts Skills[edit source]

The Martial Arts tree skills are the abilities of the Dragon Warrior to kill his enemies with his bare hands and feet. From lethal strikes with palm to acrobatic jumps to enemy.

Development[edit source]

The page was first created in October 3rd 2009.

I have invented and edited the names of the skill trees and some background. Now I will take a look at the other fan class pages to see how they were edited and will come back to edit my page when I have time.

October 6th 2009: edited some skills in the Bow and Throwing and Martial Arts skill trees. Need to add some bow skills and Dragon Disciplines skills. Then I will add the pictures.

October 7th 2009: Added four new skills in the Dragon Disciplines skill tree. Next edit will be some skills for the Bow and Throwing skill tree.

October 8th 2009: Added some Arrow skills to the Bow And Throwing skill tree. Also deleted Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis from the Dragon Disciplines skill tree - they are more suitable for the Wizard. Next step - adding pictures of the Dragon Warrior.

October 9th 2009: Happy Birth Day to me! Added some new skills in the Martial Arts skill tree and some options in the Bow and Throwing skill tree. Sorry I haven't added pictures, but they are on my friend's computer /I haven't got mine/ and I have no access to it because my friend is on vacation. When he returns I will add the pictures.

October 11th 2009: Added two Martial Arts skills and one skill in Bow and Throwing. Also added some new options. When my friend returns I will add the pictures.

October 12th 2009: Added a new skill in the Martial Arts skill tree, edited some things that I had forgot and finally added the pictures in the Media tab.

October 23th 2009: Edited the Class Design and changed some things there. Also added some text in the gallery images.

October 31th 2009: Happy Helloween! Added one more picture /the best picture of the Dragon Warrior so far/ and one more skill in the Martial Arts skill tree. Also modified one skill.

November 11th 2009: Added better description of the Blade Fury skill and added some more weapons of the Dragon Warrior. Will add more weapons soon.

November 12th 2009: Added more weapons, but this is not the end. Will add more soon. Must add special weapons, spears /also throwing/, bows and shurikens.

February 27th 2010: Changed the Critical Strike skill in Dragon Disciplines. Now it is much better! Will add two more skills to the Martial Arts Skill Tree this day later.

Same day. Some time later: Added the Enrage And Focus Skills in the Martial Arts Skill Tree. Also added some calculations to make it more convenient for you when making your choice between these two skills.

March 3rd 2010: Changed Bomb Throwing skill from Bomb and Throwing Skill Tree - added some limitation to bombs use, depending on game weather conditions.

March 4th 2010: Added one more drawing of the Dragon Warrior /with the twin blade/ - one of the best so far.

March 14th 2010: Oops, I forgot to say that on the day I changed the Enrage skill to Battle Fury - avoiding the similarity with the Barbarian Enrage.

June 23th 2010: Changed the mechanism of the Slash Attack in Dragon Disciplines Skill Tree. Also Removed Mantis Strike from Martial Arts Skill Tree, changed the required Meditation time and corrected Cobra Strike.

Same day later: Added Serpent Jump to Martial Arts Skill Tree.

June 26th 2010: Added Instinct to the Martial Arts Skill Tree. Also replaced Dagger Throw with Kunai Throw in the Bow and Throwing Skill Tree. Also added News to the class title /above/. This was needed. Also replaced Eyes of Destruction with Spell Braking Dust. No need to copy from the Shnobi movie anymore. Oh yeah, modified Dragon Spirit - now called Spirit of Flames and it's changed. And added a little better description to Wind Run. All from the Dragon Disciplines Skill Tree.

July 2nd 2010: Modified Regeneration from the Martial Arts Skill Tree. It's a little better now.

July 7th 2010: Added one more drawing of the Dragon Warrior in the Media tab.

Media[edit source]

You can find pictures in the Diablo 3 screenshot and picture gallery:

Here's the gallery of the Dragon Warrior. Note that his first name was Shinobi, that's why some pictures are called that. If you have read the Backgroound, you will see some charactres from the story.

References[edit source]

Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions to Veskin7 Bukito's Fan Classes and Monsters by sending him an E-mail to [email protected]