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Brio is a bit of Fan fiction poetry by Madrik Rimesorrow originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. Posted as a one shot on December 17th 2008.

Brio[edit source]

By Madrik Rimesorrow

Convicted without a crime;
A rhyme without a reason.
For what purpose, behold this time
Have I been slandered with treason?

Set me free! Let me go!
I scream to ears unheeding
I feel my fury and sorrow;
They leave me broken, bleeding.

This is not real
Can you not see?
I have been wronged.
This is not meant to be!

My reality is torn,
I cannot sense,
Just what is truth
And what is pretense.

I hear their laugh
When they see me ache
Doom them to anguish
This oath I take!

Damnation to tormentors!
Whom I see clear as air
Damn you! Anguish augmentors
Subdue me, do not dare.

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