Devouring Arrow

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Devouring Arrow is a rune effect in Hungering Arrow, a Hatred-generating Demon Hunter skill.

This rune effect dramatically increases the damage of the arrow with each consecutive pierce. This effect is not that valuable with the base effect, which is only 35% chance to pierce. There are no Demon Hunter passive skills that grant increased piercing, though if a bow or other equipment raised the chance of piercing this rune effect would pair very well with it.

Skill Rune Effects[edit | edit source]

Refer to the Hungering Arrow rune effects article for a thorough description of the rune effects in this skill, including screenshots and videos.

Name Level Description

<skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Hungering Arrow</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter" rune="Devouring Arrow">Hungering Arrow</skill>

Media[edit | edit source]

Screenshots and video will be added post-release.

Development[edit | edit source]

Prior to the skill and rune overhaul in February 2012, this effect was created by the Obsidian Rune and yielded the following effect:

Devouring Arrow


Each consecutive pierce increases the damage of the arrow by 140%.