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A "Shout" is the term for the Barbarian's Warcry skills in Diablo III. "Warcry" or "Warcries" are words often used as generic terms for this type of skill, but since there is an actual skill called War Cry the term "Shout" is preferred for the sake of clarity.

There is a wide variety of different Shout skills, though all the base skills offer buffs of various types, for the Barbarian and his party members and minions. The developers have said[1] that runestone effects will add a wide variety of offensive and defensive bonuses, recreating and surpassing the variety of Warcry options that Barbarians had in Diablo III.

  • The Diablo II skill called Shout can be seen here.

What are Shouts?[edit | edit source]

Bashiok provided a short, basic definition in a forum post in April 2011.[2]

The barbarian shouts are powerful, limited duration buffs that you must re-cast once they wear off. Monk auras are very similar.

While there are only a few Shouts in the Barbarian Skills listing, each of them has an additional five effects from Runestones, providing a wide variety of skill effects.

Shouts vs. Auras[edit | edit source]

The Monk's Aura skills work in much the same fashion in Diablo III, with Diablo II's system of setting an Aura to the right mouse button to activate it having been replaced. The difference between Diablo III Shouts and Auras seems to be that Shouts are activated at one time, have an effect that lasts for X seconds, and may or may not share to party members if they are in range when the spell is cast. On the other hand, while Auras are activated like a Shout, (at the cost of some Spirit) they then stay active and share (in most cases) to party members the same way they did in Diablo II as long as they are active.

Presumably, both Auras and Shouts can be recast while they are still active, in order to extend the duration of the effect. (Cooldown time permitting.)

Barbarian Shout Skills[edit | edit source]

The known Shouts, with descriptions and stats taken from the Barbarian Skills. See each of the shouts for information about their runestone effects and much more.

Threatening Shout[edit | edit source]

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17 {{{desc}}}

Battle Rage[edit | edit source]

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22 {{{desc}}}

War Cry[edit | edit source]

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28 {{{desc}}}

Removed Shouts[edit | edit source]

Two of the Barbarian's shouts were no longer in his skill list at the July 2011 Press Event.

  • Rampage - Allowed the Barbarian to hit additional targets per swing, as well as increasing the attack speed.
  • Taunt - Overrode monster AI, causing them to rush towards the Barbarian and launch weakened melee attacks.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

All Barbarian shouts can be improved by the following passive skills:

Inspiring Presence[edit | edit source]

<skill subcat="Shouts" class="Barbarian">Inspiring Presence</skill>

Stomps[edit | edit source]

The Barbarian has several stomp skills that could well be classified as offensive Shouts, since they have a similar function. All are triggered by the Barbarian stomping down on the ground and creating an AoE shockwave of varying radius that damages, stuns, or incapacitates monsters in its range.

Ground Stomp[edit | edit source]

<skill class="Barbarian">Ground Stomp</skill>

Seismic Slam[edit | edit source]

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12 {{{desc}}}

Earthquake[edit | edit source]

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