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Quest Bolt is one of the four known skills for the Archivist, a Deckard Cain-inspired Diablo III character who debuted on April Fool's Day, 2009.

Quest Bolt's Effect[edit | edit source]

Quest Bolt is seen in a video, stunning Goatmen and allowing the Archivist time to pursue more important activities. The ! icon that appears over the heads of the goatmen is the same graphic used to indicate that an NPC has a new quest dialogue. (That's part of the joke, as Cain is always ready to talk about some quest or other when you find him in town.)

Other Archivist skills[edit | edit source]

  • Book Vision: Highlights every book in the area in a warming, golden glow.
  • Lorenado: A Tornado of books ripple out from the Archivist, ripping apart anything it strikes.
  • Shush: The Archivist's most powerful spell, this one silences and destroys every monster on the screen. Sadly, it also causes the Archivist to explode an instant later.