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Characters have three passive skill slots, which become available at level 10, 20, and 30. The passive skills come in more gradually, with one or two becoming accessible every few levels from 10 up to 60.

Passive skills replaced Traits late in game development. Many passives are very similar to previously-known traits, with the main changes coming in changes to the character level requirements, and the fact that passives are on/off, rather than using 1, 3, or 5 points, as Traits did.

Monk Passives[edit | edit source]

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Monk passives are primarily defensive or utility, and Monk players often look jealously at the huge offensive bonuses provided by Barbarian passives. One With Everything for resistance and Seize the Initiative for the defense bonus are the most Monk passives. Hardcore Monks subscribe heavily to Near Death Experience which can save the Monk's life when sudden death appears.

Name Level Description

<skill class="Monk">Fleet Footed</skill> <skill class="Monk">Resolve</skill> <skill class="Monk">Exalted Soul</skill> <skill class="Monk">Transcendence</skill> <skill class="Monk">Chant of Resonance</skill> <skill class="Monk">Seize the Initiative</skill> <skill class="Monk">The Guardian's Path</skill> <skill class="Monk">Sixth Sense</skill> <skill class="Monk">Pacifism</skill> <skill class="Monk">Beacon of Ytar</skill> <skill class="Monk">Guiding Light</skill> <skill class="Monk">One With Everything</skill> <skill class="Monk">Combination Strike</skill> <skill class="Monk">Near Death Experience</skill>

Development[edit | edit source]

  • See the Monk skill archive for the full list, with descriptions, of all active and passive skills that have been removed from the game during development.

By the July 2011 Press Event, the skill system had once again been completely redesigned. The traits system was scrapped, and replaced by a new version of passive skills, but still separate from the active skills. Although 4 of the Monk's traits were turned into passives, 18 of them were removed, and 9 passives were brand new.

The list of Monk passives shown at the press event is likely still in development and may change before game release.

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