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These were posted by MCPWTB [1].

Testing: Killing zombies with 100 Life on Hit weapon.

Why use LoH? because LoH is the easiest way to find out about the Proc rate. For example, if a skill has 200% LoH, then by using 100 LoH weapon, I'll get 200 health in return. This was tested as such, but doesn't mean it only works for LoH. Mostly it applies to any kind of "on hit" proc.

Poison Dart (db) = 200%
Splinters (db) = 33% per dart (100%/cast)
Numbing Dart (db) = 200%
Spined Dart (db) = 200%
Flaming Dart (db) = 100%
Snake to the Face (db) = 200%

Corpse Spiders (db) = 8% by jar + 8%/each spider/hit
Leaping Spiders (db) = 8% by jar + 8%/each spider/hit
Spider Queen (db) = 30%/enemy/tick
Widowmakers (db) = 8% by jar + 8%/each spider/hit
Medusa Spiders (db) = 8% by jar + 8%/each spider/hit
Blazing Spiders (db) = 8% by jar + 8%/each spider/hit

Plague of Toads (db) = 66%/toad (200%/cast)
Explosive Toads (db) = 66%/toad (200%/cast)
Toad of Hugeness (db) = 100%/cast
Rain of Toads (db) = 50%/enemy/tick STACKS
Addling Toads (db) = 66%/toad (200%/cast)
Toad Affinity (db) = 66%/toad (200%/cast)

Firebomb (db) = 66%/enemy
Flash Fire (db) = 20%/bounce (140%/cast)
Roll the Bones (db) = 22%/enemy
Fire Pit (db) = 6.5%/enemy/tick STACKS
Pyrogeist (db) = 16%/projectile (You'll get about 33% every half a second)
Ghost Bomb (db) = 12.5%/enemy

Grasp of the Dead (db) = 16.5%/enemy/tick
Unbreakable Grasp (db) = 16.5%/enemy/tick
Groping Eels (db) = 16.5%/enemy/tick
Death Is Life (db) = 16.5%/enemy/tick
Desperate Grasp (db) = 16.5%/enemy/tick STACKS
Rain of Corpses (db) = 12.5%/enemy/tick + 12.5% per corpse

Firebats (db) = 16.5%/enemy/tick
Dire Bats (db) = 66%/enemy
Vampire Bats (db) = about 16.5%/enemy/tick (Hard to tell because the lifesteal messed up my testing)
Plague Bats (db) = 16.5%/enemy/tick (only the tick of the initial hit, not the dot)
Hungry Bats (db) = 33%/bat
Cloud of Bats (db) = 25%/enemy/tick

Haunt (db) = 100% per target hit and none on the DOT. If it acquires another target after the first one dies, it will count as another hit, applies to all rune.
Consuming Spirit (db) = 100% per target hit
Resentful Spirit (db) = 100% per target hit
Lingering Spirit (db) = 100% per target hit
Grasping Spirit (db) = 100% per target hit
Draining Spirit (db) = 100% per target hit

Locust Swarm (db) = 33% per target, same as haunt. Each time it spreads it will hit, but no bonus from the DoT.
Pestilence (db) = 33% per target
Devouring Swarm (db) = 33% per target
Cloud of Insects (db) = 33% per target
Diseased Swarm (db) = 33% per target. Not sure about the damage from the death corpses though
Searing Locusts (db) = 33% per target

Zombie Dogs (db) = 0%, except for these 2 runes
Rabid Dogs (db) = 10%/attack and none from the dot
Final Gift ([kkk db]) = 0%
Life Link (db) = 0%
Burning Dogs (db) = 5%/enemy/dogs from the aura only, none from their attack
Leeching Beasts (db) = 0%

Horrify (db) = 0% all rune

Spirit Walk (db) = 0%, except for these 2 runes
Severance (db) = 20%/enemy/hit
Umbral Shock (db) = 33%/enemy

Hex (db) = 0%, Except for angry chicken = 33%/enemy when you blow it up

Soul Harvest (db) = 0%, except for vengeful spirit = 25%/enemy

Sacrifice (db) = 16%/enemy/dog (every dog deal their own damage to enemies around them)
Black Blood (db) = 16%/enemy/dog
Next of Kin (db) = 16%/enemy/dog
Pride (db) = 16%/enemy/dog
For the Master (db) = 0% (because i got healed for 6201 (the tooltip says 6202) with or without hitting any enemies)
Provoke the Pack (db) = 16%/enemy/dog

Mass Confusion (db) = 0%, except for Mass halucination = 13%/enemy/tick

Zombie Charger (db) = 50%/enemy
Leperous Zombie (db) = 50%/enemy/tick STACKS
Undeath (db) = 50%/enemy
Wave of Zombies (db) = 8%/zombie/enemy
Explosive Beast (db) = 50%/enemy
Zombie Bears (db) = 11%/enemy/bear

Spirit Barrage (db) = 100%
The Spirit is Willing (db) = 100%
Well of Souls (db) = 33%/spirit
Phantasm (db) = 25%/enemy/tick STACKS
Phlebotomize (db) = 100%
Manitou (db) = 12.5%/projectile

On the contrary to what people believe, I found Acid Clouds and its runes stack, but only for about 2 cast, because I see a some tick that's more than 100% on the DoT sometimes after multiple casts.

Acid Cloud (db) = 16%,33%,50%,66%,100%/enemy/tick (This number is all over the place, the closer to the center, the bigger the proc is)
Acid Rain (db) = 40%,80%,120%,160%,200%/enemy/tick
Lob Blob Bomb (db) = 33%/enemy/blob STACKS
Slow Burn (db) = 16%,33%,50%,66%,100%/enemy/tick
Kiss of Death (db) = 17%,33%,50%/enemy/tick
Corpse Bomb (db) = 33%/enemy

Wall of Zombies (db) = 16%/enemy/tick
Barricade (db) = 20%/enemy/tick
Unrelenting Grip (db) = 16%/enemy/tick
Creepers (db) = 16%/enemy/tick none from the creepers
Pile On (db) = 50%/enemy
Dead Rush (db) = 33%/zombie/enemy

Gargantuan (db) = 0%, all runes

Big Bad Voodoo (db) = 0% all runes

Fetish Army (db) = 0%, Except for Fetish Ambush = About 20%/enemy/fetish (each fetish deal their own damage to enemy around their spawning point)

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