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Unstable Form is a rune effect in Hex, a Support Witch Doctor skill that summons a Fetish Shaman ho then turns enemies into chickens.

This rune effect causes affected targets to explode when killed, dealing 135% weapon damage to all nearby targets. The explosion caused by this effect has no noticeable graphic, meaning it is difficult to tell when this effect triggers.

As Hex is generally used against Elites and other solo targets, this minor added damage on death is fairly irrelevant. The skill also has a somewhat underwhelming radius of effect.

Skill Rune Effects[edit | edit source]

Refer to the Hex rune effects article for thorough descriptions of all five of rune effects in this skill, including screenshots, videos, and strategy tips.

Name Level Description

<skill class="WitchDoctor">Hex</skill> <skill class="WitchDoctor" rune="Unstable Form">Hex</skill>

Media[edit | edit source]

Screenshots and movies will be added post-release.

Development[edit | edit source]

Prior to the skill revision in February 2012, this rune effect was enabled by the Obsidian Rune, granting the following effect with a level 7 runestone:

Unstable Form


Hexed targets explode when killed dealing 240% weapon damage as Poison to all enemies within 8 yards.