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Rain of Vengeance (known as Rain of Arrows prior to August 2011) is an Archery Demon Hunter skill unlocked at Level 30.

Background[edit | edit source]

Rain of Vengeance in action.

The Demon Hunter fires into the air, and the area around her gets pelted by a rain of arrows that blot out the sun. This is a massive AoE effect, with arrows hitting randomly all around the area for several seconds. It's used unlike any other Demon Hunter skills, without any sort of direct targeting or control. Also, unlike any other active Demon Hunter skill, it has no effect at all on Hatred or Discipline levels.

Skill Rune Effects[edit | edit source]

The following is a very quick summary. See the Rain of Vengeance rune effects page for a more thorough description of rune effects, or any of the individual rune pages for numbers, screenshots, blue quotes, and much more.

Name Level Description

<skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Rain of Vengeance</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter" rune="Dark Cloud">Rain of Vengeance</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter" rune="Shade">Rain of Vengeance</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter" rune="Stampede">Rain of Vengeance</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter" rune="Anathema">Rain of Vengeance</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter" rune="Flying Strike">Rain of Vengeance</skill>

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Design[edit | edit source]

The basic skill emulates the "massive wave of arrows" type attack that's popular in medieval and martial arts films, with various demonic/magical modifications from the skill runes.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

The following Demon Hunter passives provide a benefit to Rain of Vengeance, runed or not:

Name Level Description

<skill class="DemonHunter">Thrill of the Hunt</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Steady Aim</skill>

Development[edit | edit source]

Rain of Vengeance (as Rain of Arrows) was first seen at the July 2011 Press Event, where it was a level 29 skill. In August 2011, the name was changed to the cooler-sounding Rain of Vengeance.

Beta[edit | edit source]

When the beta started in September 2011, Rain of Vengeance stayed at level 29. The skill system was once again overhauled for the Beta Patch 13, and Rain of Vengeance was classified as an Archery skill and moved to level 26. For Beta Patch 14, it was moved up to level 30.

Previous Versions[edit | edit source]

See Rain of Arrows for the original version of this skill.

Media[edit | edit source]

Rain of Vengeance can be seen in action on video here:

You can find pictures in the Diablo III screenshot and picture gallery:

References[edit | edit source]