Wicked Wind

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Wicked Wind is a rune effect in Energy Twister, is an Offensive Wizard skill.

This rune effect sticks the tornado in one spot, causing it to whirl there and deal 252% weapon damage over 6 seconds to anything in the vicinity.

This makes the skill useful for dealing heavy damage to any stationary target.

Skill Rune Effects[edit | edit source]

Refer to the Energy Twister rune effects article for thorough descriptions of all five rune effects in this skill, including screenshots, videos, strategy tips, and other related information.

Name Level Description

<skill class="Wizard">Energy Twister</skill> <skill class="Wizard" rune="Wicked Wind">Energy Twister</skill>

Media[edit | edit source]

Screenshots and movies will be added post-release.

Development[edit | edit source]

Prior to the skill revision in February 2012, this rune effect was enabled by the Alabaster Rune, granting the following effect with a level 7 runestone:

Wicked Wind


Twister no longer travels but spins in place dealing 84% weapon damage per second as Arcane to everything caught within it.